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Q: What Is a Credit Score?

A: The government did a good thing by passing a law requiring each of the three major credit bureaus to provide a free report each year to any consumer who requests it.  This makes it easier for us to keep tabs on what is included in our report, detect errors, and combat identity theft.  But one of the main factors used by lenders to determine whether or not they should lend us money still remains something of a mystery:  Our credit scores.

A credit score is a number that a credit bureau comes up with based upon factors in your credit history to measure creditworthiness.  Creditworthiness is the likelihood that you will repay your debts.  There are several different types of credit scores, and the formulas used to obtain them are closely guarded secrets.  And they are not included on your credit report.

Q: Types of Credit Scores

A: A FICO score is the most widely used type of credit score, especially by mortgage lenders. Developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation, it weighs factors such as punctuality of payment, ratio of debt to credit limits, and the length of your credit history.  Fair Isaac has also developed credit score formulas for the major credit reporting agencies.  These scores go by different names and use different numbers, but use essentially the same factors in determining the score.

Q: What Is a Good Credit Score?

A: FICO scores range from 300-850.  300 is the worst possible score among those with credit histories, and 850 is the best.   If you have never obtained any credit whatsoever, your credit score will be zero.

Few people make it to 850, and lenders don’t expect you to. A score of 760 or above is considered excellent, and will make you eligible for the best interest rates.  A score of 620 or less is likely to get you denied for credit, and if you can get it you will probably receive a high interest rate.

If your Credit Score is 620 or even lower, Don't Worry! This Free Credit Repair Program is designed to give you the tools and support you need to improve your credit so you can be eligible for the best interest rate.

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